jueves, octubre 07, 2010

La expropiación petrolera en Bolivia.

El Precio Humano y Social del Petroleo en Bolivia 2006.

En el Camino del Gas: El Precio Humano y Social del Petroleo en Bolivia from Kelly Blynn on Vimeo.


A 25 minute documentary in Spanish with English subtitles, created in the spring of 2006 by Lauren Armstrong and Kelly Blynn while they were studying abroad in Bolivia. En el Camino del Gas tells the story of a small community affected by the explosion of a natural gas pipeline looking at the perspectives of the community, local politicians, and a transnational company. As the community is coping with the explosion, recently elected Bolivian president Evo Morales nationalizes the petroleum industry, which only questions further the role of transnational companies in this South American nation.

::Democracia Ya, Patria Para Todos. Apoyando al Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador en 2010::

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